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SHANTUI SD16 crawler bulldozer

Publish:2017-03-22 16:41
SHANTUI SD16 crawler bulldozer

SHANTUI SD16 crawler bulldozer

SD16 hydraulic drive series bulldozer features high technologic content, advanced and reasonable design, strong power, high productivity, and easy maintenances and repairs and can adapt to severe working conditions.

Engine power/speed:120KW/1850rpm
Operating weight of whole machine: 16240kg
Blade capacity: 4.5m3 for straight tilting blade   4.3

Technical Features

●Weichai WD10G178E25 features the advantages of robust power, easy maintenance, and high combustion efficiency and conformed to China-II emission regulation.

●The planetary power shift transmission with forced lubrication and the hydraulically assisted steering system achieve light operations of the machine and feature high transmission power and high productivity.

●The closed system maintains the water tank pressure at specific value and can improve the evaporation temperature and heat dissipation efficiency of coolant.

●The fan is driven by the engine to enhance the cooling effect with forced air supply.

●The mainstream 14MPa working hydraulic system is adopted to remarkably reduce the malfunction rate of hydraulic units, featuring high operation stability and overload protection function.

●The application of water-proof connectors, new relays, and injection molded instruments can effectively eliminate the electric system malfunctions. The instrument box integrates the A/C, electric devices, and instruments, featuring beautiful appearance and high grade.

●The full box-type main frame adopts full box-type integral structure welded from steel plates and is welded together with the real axle housing to realize high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

●The swing type balance beam suspension structure with splayed beam is connected with the frame and traveling system to transmit the working load and impact load to the main frame during working, which effectively improves the stability of small-sized bulldozers under complicated working conditions.

●The standard straight tilting blade features powerful cutting force and the three-shank ripper can be used for the ripping of clay and frozen earth, featuring high working efficiency and super-strong penetrating force.

Performance Parameter

L×W×H (Ripper not included) mm 5140×3388×3032
Operating weight (Ripper not included) t 17
Engine - Shangchai SC11CB184G2B1/ Weichai WD10G178E25
Rated power kW/rpm 120/1850
Gradeability ° 30
Blade type - Straight tilt blade U blade Angle blade
Blade width mm Straight tilt blade 3388×1149 U blade 3556×1120 Angle blade 3970×1040
Dozing capacity m3 Straight tilt blade 4.5 U blade 5     Angle blade 4.3
Ma× drop below ground of blade mm 540
Lift height of blade mm 1095
Ripper type - Three-shank ripper
Ripping depth of ripper mm 572
Lifting height of ripper mm 592
Number of carriers (each side) - 2
Number of track rollers (each side) - 6
Number of track shoes (each side) - 37
Width of track shoe mm 510
Track gauge mm 1880
Ground length and ground pressure mm/MPa 2430-0.067
Pitch mm 203.2
Forward speed km/h 0–3.29
Reverse speed