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23ton SHANTUI SR23MR landfill compactor with mud scraper

Publish:2017-06-13 13:33
23ton SHANTUI SR23MR landfill compactor with mud scraper
Main Features:
Reliable power system
Yuchai YC6M220Z-T20 water-cooling engines have the 162kW of output power, clean and environment-friendly.
Excellent drive system
This drive system is so designed and manufactured as to specially fit the harsh garbage disposal environment, providing the more powerful productivity and the lower operational cost per hour.
Strong compacting capacity
The compactor distributes its weight equally to the axle, endowing the super – strong linear compaction pressure to the compacting wheels. Therefore, the compacting wheels not only trash and compact the trashes, but also have the sufficient corrosion resistance.
Comfortable driving environment
●The full-closed cab could keep the operator away from the harsh working environment. In addition, the equipment traveling system is controlled with the single-ever handle and the equipment with the steering wheel, effectively improving the working efficiency and reducing the labor intensity.

●Lifting of the shovel is controlled with the mechanical handle, easy and useful. The longitudinal-adjustable and comfortable seat, left-right reversible handle, retractable seatbelt and A/C make the work more comfortable.

Optimal safety design

●The optical monitor inside of cab is a safety assurance for the compactor needing to reverse frequently.

●ROPS/FOPS out of cab could guarantee the driver’s safety under the extreme conditions.

Good maintenance performance

●The whole-enclosed vehicle body could effectively prevent the garbage from getting in, prolonging the service life.

●In order to facilitate the maintenance and service, all the parts to be maintained have the buckles, improving the machine utilization.

Advanced kits
The key parts of engines, drive system and hydraulic system are strictly selected from the first-class worldwide suppliers, together with the advanced supporting technologies, so as to make sure the product performance and the reliability.

Operating weight(kg) 23000
Axle load, front(kg) 11500
Static linear load, Front/Rear 626
Working width(mm) 3090
Minimum turning radius(mm) 6786
Drum diameter(mm) 1620
Steering angle(°)  ±36
Oscillating angle(°) ±7
Max. climbing ability(%) 100
Max.lifting height(mm) 1050
Max.cutting depth(mm) 160
Blade capacity(m3) 8.7
Wheel base(mm) 3350
Min.ground clearance(mm) 455
Forward speed(km/h) 4.82
Reverse speed(km/h) 4.82
Engine model: Yuchai YC6M220Z-T20
Rated power(kw) 162
Rated speed(rpm) 2200
Overall length(mm) 7360
Overall width(mm) 3200
Overall height(mm) 3640